Web Development Staffing

IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

Web Development Staffing is essential to many businesses with an online presence. A Web Developer, or Website Developer, is responsible for using their knowledge of programming languages to code websites and web applications. Their duties include communicating with clients to determine their needs and design preferences, creating code for the front and back-end of a website and running tests to ensure that they used the correct code strings. The role is also responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client’s specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

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Web Development Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is an agile way for enterprises to quickly meet production demands while saving on human resource costs. Leveraging a third-party resource to fill talent gaps empowers organizations to focus on client needs, revenue-generating opportunities, and R&D while keeping the nuts and bolts of the IT infrastructure healthy. Third-party IT staff support also helps organizations supplement their internal staff with external expertise, allowing IT departments to quickly pivot between priorities and gain outside knowledge previously unfamiliar to them.

QOS Consulting is a leader in the Chicago area for IT staff augmentation. Our engineers deliver a variety of skills and span the gamut of experience, from entry-level knowledge to CTO-level leadership. Our client-centric approach ensures your enterprise always obtains value from our staff and that your systems and processes will not only be maintained, but improved. QOS Consulting’s staffing solutions offer many benefits that will help your organization scale, adapt, and be a leader in your industry.

Agile Web Development Staffing for Fast-Paced Demands

By leveraging a third-party staffing resource, companies can easily ramp-up or scale-down production as priorities and demands change. Our staff can help on an as-needed basis and require virtually no onboarding, delivering solutions quickly and efficiently. QOS Consulting can also deliver outside expertise for special, one-time projects, allowing you to take advantage of outside skills while not committing to a full-time employee with a niche background.

Staff augmentation also allows internal IT departments to focus on opportunities that generate revenue while leaving the mundanities of infrastructure maintenance to the outsourced team – a scenario that helps the enterprise’s bottom-line while improving the internal team’s morale.

Experienced Help Desk Support Staff with Vetted Backgrounds

An organization’s IT infrastructure must be in trustworthy hands to prevent security breaches and the dissemination of protected data. QOS understands the serious responsibility of protecting client information and system access, and thus we conduct rigorous background checks on all personnel who are tasked with managing client data, ensuring their personal history and IT experience meet professional standards. We require NDAs and confidentiality agreements from our staff and can provide highly-regarded individuals for projects requiring the utmost security, confidentiality, and skill.

Cost-Effective & Risk-Mitigating

IT staff augmentation can help companies save on HR and overhead costs since full-time employees require benefits and training that an outsourced team does not. Additionally, there are far fewer liabilities for the enterprise when leveraging contract staff, and scalability is far easier when utilizing outsourced help.

Resources and Skills Across the Spectrum

No matter what your enterprise’s talent needs are, QOS Consulting can fill them. We engage with engineers and technicians that run the gamut of experience, from entry-level to CTO expertise. If your organization needs an interim CTO while searching for permanent talent, we can provide that; if it needs younger technicians to help complete a systems connection, we can deliver them; if you need middle-management expertise with skills reporting to C-level stakeholders, we can provide that as well.

Contact QOS Consulting to find out how we can help with customized IT staff augmentation that will promote growth, agility, and advancement in the marketplace.