simplify complexity and reduce costs

QOS Consulting is a technology firm dedicated to offering reliable cost effective services and solutions. QOS Consulting is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and serves the greater Chicago area. QOS Consulting also offers on-demand specialists to aid with emergencies. With full-time expert staff, we match our skills and your assets to meet your company’s technology needs for less than the cost of hiring internal resources. We compliment existing technology infrastructure and resources or provide fully managed end to end services and solutions. Through analyzing monthly and annual cost expenditures we can identify areas in which to reduce costs. Our vendor negotiation experience assures clients that they have an advocate on their side.

The QOS Consulting Smart Choice Business Solution

We recognize that our clients’ needs differ depending on the industry, business practices and culture. Our solution is designed for flexibility and customization. The QOSC Smart Choice Business Solution reduces complexity and improves support coverage for your entire company.

The QOS Consulting ValueOne Business Solution

Technology systems and equipment are expensive capital investments. Performing regular maintenance on and monitoring those systems is necessary. The VOBS solution was created to meet the challenges of ensuring system up-time and responding to errors in a quick and professional manner.

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