Ubiquiti airFiber WAN Redundancy

ubiquiti airFiber - QOS Consulting offers Ubiquiti airFiber technology with its private cloud solutions

Though data colocation provides many benefits, the connection to an organization’s colocated data can be expensive and create security problems. Many enterprises opt to create a private line with MPLS or fiber, but the price of these options dampen the cost-benefits of data colocation. The internet provides a cheaper method for connection, but using a public source puts data at an unnecessary risk.

QOS Consulting’s airFiber solution by Ubiquiti provides a highly-secure, fast, and cost-effective way for enterprises and businesses to access their colocated data. With its innovative dual-antennae design, Ubiquiti airFiber is a wireless technology that delivers amazing wireless gigabit+ performance, low latency, and synchronous data transmission and reception. The benefits of airFiber for business are unsurpassed by any other option on the market.

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airFiber provides a highly-secure means for data transmission. It acts much like a private connection in that no one but your organization has access to it, but it is much more secure than any wired connection. airFiber transmissions do not share the security dangers associated with wired transmissions; the long distances of wired backhauls are susceptible to copper theft, damage, vandalism, and accidental breakage. With airFiber, only the installation points of the airFiber links need to be protected.


airFiber provides signals up to 100KM and transmission speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. It delivers synchronous data transmission and reception, removing the latency inherent with traditional wireless methods. It can transmit a 100 MB file in less than a second and possesses download speeds 100X faster than broadband providers. With speed and throughput surpassing conventional wired connections, airFiber triumphs over expensive and labor-intensive wired infrastructures.


The Ubiquiti airFiber solution is a fraction of what a private line MPLS or fiber connection would cost. It does not require a protective infrastructure like wired connections do, nor is it vulnerable to damage or vandalism like wired connections are. Additionally, because QOS Consulting directly manages your colocated data and the connection, there are no middleman costs.

Your organization can capture further cost-savings by utilizing airFiber with QOS’s internet services, allowing you to save thousands on the cost of broadband.

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