Server Space at our Hoffman Estates Data Center

colocation server chicago - QOS Consulting provides space for colocated servers in its Chicago Data Center

What is server colocation?

Server colocation allows enterprises and businesses to house their own server equipment in a third-party data center, like the QOSC Data Center located in Hoffman Estates, IL. Hosting servers at a third-party location lets companies free-up real estate at their own offices and protect their equipment in a facility that is specifically designed for optimal cooling, electrical, networking and security.

We offer multiple levels of rack space to serve your needs, including:

  • 1-5U Rack Space
  • 10U Quarter Cabinet
  • 21U Half Cabinet
  • 42U Full Cabinet

Benefits of Colocation at the QOSC Data Center

  • 24/7 Cooling
  • Dedicated 30 AMP Managed Dell Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with quantity 20, 110 volt power receptacles in each cabinet
  • Dedicated 5,000 VA APC UPS battery backup in each cabinet
  • Fire proofing and suppression systems in place
  • Multiple levels of access security on premises
  • Fiber-redundant cross-connections
  • Regular facility compliance audits
  • Near-instant scalability
  • Customizable plans
  • Up to 10 GBPS dedicated bandwidth
  • Monitoring technologies for 24/7 oversight
  • Onsite Support

Our 4100 square foot facility can accommodate the server space commonly needed by large-scale enterprises.

Why server colocation?

The QOSC Data Center possesses an ideal environment for server equipment, allowing your company to create more in-house space and save on the cost of cooling, electrical, networking and more.

Physical Security at Every Level

To prevent failure, server environments need to be cooled, have robust electrical systems and power backups, have fire prevention systems in place, possess multi-levels of access security, and be holistically monitored. The QOSC Data Center has all these systems in place, with cameras watching every angle and door access controls that require credentials for entry. We are regularly audited to ensure all security details are meeting compliance standards.

Scalability No Matter the Size of your Current Plan

Our 4100 square foot facility allows for your storage needs to expand as much as your company does. We implement storage strategies that can easily accommodate extra equipment, power, and bandwidth along the way, and your plan can be modified at any time.

Reliable Infrastructure

We ensure consistent service uptime by utilizing fiber redundant cross-connections to our core infrastructure, removing copper cabling bottlenecks and increasing reliability. We carefully manage our data center’s infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency with our energy usage, and our network gives access to higher levels of bandwidth at a lower cost, with the ability to accommodate up to 10 GBPS.

Contact QOS Consulting to discover how we can help your enterprise or business with robust colocation server solutions. Find out more about our data storage capabilities by visiting our Data Center overview page.

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