Cloud Enabled File Servers

Private Cloud File Server Solutions

Cloud hosting accelerates productivity to an enormous degree; it is one of the most important innovations the business world has seen in years. However, conventional cloud hosting poses security issues for organizations bound to strict security protocols, prohibiting them from staying competitive by leveraging the advantages cloud computing.

QOS Consulting’s Private Cloud File Server Solutions have solved this security debacle. The servers at our Data Center in Hoffman Estates, IL can be enabled for enterprise file sharing, offering highly-secure, dedicated hosting while providing the full power of cloud computing. Our cloud solutions and the QOS Cloud Docs App enable users to easily and remotely sync and share data, access files on different devices, and quickly collaborate across offices with the assurance that data is safeguarded by the most robust cloud configuration available.

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cloud file server - QOS Consulting provides private cloud file server solutions for companies in Chicago, IL.

Ease of Use for End Users & Administrators

QOS Consulting’s cloud capabilities provide administrators and employees with host of benefits that make file access and management a breeze:

Mapped Drive to Cloud. Preserve your current drive mapping so end users have a seamless experience when you transition to the cloud.

Hybrid of Local File Servers and the Cloud. Maintain local file servers for local access and setup two-way synchronization to the cloud.

Windows Explorer and Mac Finder Integration. Version Control, file sharing and other actions can be directly controlled from the context menu.

File Locking & Version Control. Automatic file locking and manual check-out/check-in is available.



Outlook Integration. Ability to share files and folders directly from Outlook with the use of a plugin.

Mobile Applications. Users can access files from a variety of device types and operating systems, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and more.

QOS CloudDocs App. Our proprietary app can be installed on most mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, giving users a central location to access the file system and easily sync, share, and manage data.

Large File Support. Users can save and change large files with ease. Our cloud software saves data in large pieces and sends across the cloud more efficiently.

Automatically Sync Active Directory & File Server shares. Users can be imported from Active Directory and the server agent can automatically synchronize files.

Automatically Inherit NTFS Permission. Permission structure (NFTS) can be inherited from the existing file server structure.

Web-Based Management Console. An intuitive console allows administrators to manage users, workflows, permissions and security.

Reporting and Notification. Change log reports make it easy to see what happened in the system and who made what modifications.

cloud file server - QOS Consulting provides private cloud file server solutions for companies in Chicago, IL.

Robust Security & Encryption

The inherent security of a Private Cloud is bolstered by QOS’s data protection provisions.

Active Directory integration. Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for single identity sign on and permission check.

NTFS Permission. Inherit NTFS permissions from your Windows File server and apply the same security and permission checks from remote access.

Granular Permission. When Active Directory and NTFS are not integrated, built-in granular folder permission control is present for security and permission check.


Encryption. Leverages Data-At-Rest encryption and Data-in-Transit encryption support to prevent eavesdropping and end-point cache encryption so when a user’s access is revoked, the cache is rendered useless.

Ransomware & Anti-Virus Protection. Block ransomware and protect against virus infection.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Integration with Google Authenticator, Amazon MFA, DUO for two factor authentication.

Single Sign-On (SSO). Integration with Azure AD, DUO, OKTA and other SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider services for both web browser access and desktop client access.

Secure Data Room. For shared folders, it can have optional secure data room feature to allow view-only but no-download feature.

Streamlined Collaboration & Sharing

Our Private Cloud File Server Solutions make it easy for users across locations to connect and collaborate for agile productivity.

Version Control and Conflict Detection. Users can collaborate online and offline. Files are put under version control and users are alerted to conflicts.

File Locking. Users can lock files automatically by opening files or lock with manual check out.

Activity Notification. Users can get notified when files are uploaded, downloaded or modified.

Office 365 Web Editing Integration. Users can collaborate concurrently in a web browser with the office 365 web editing integration.

Share File & Folders as Web Link. Users can share files and folders as web links or create guest user accounts for guests to receive shared files and folders.


Cloud computing allows companies to eschew expensive hardware, save on cooling and electrical costs, and increase productivity. QOS Consulting’s cloud services offer additional savings by cutting out the middle man with our directly managed Data Center; we pass those gained savings down to the customer.

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