managed IT services - QOS Consulting provides managed IT services in Chicago, IL

Third-party managed support of an organization’s IT infrastructure ensures holistic maintenance and peak performance. When an outside team employs a bird’s eye view of your IT eco-system, it can provide an unbiased analysis that improves the interplay of hardware, software, and workflows, provide untapped expertise, deliver support that allows internal IT departments to focus on revenue-generating projects, and bring a fresh perspective on your enterprise’s IT goals. Managed IT services allow organizations to stop fretting about the nuts and bolts of IT performance and instead focus on production and client satisfaction.

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  • Staff Augmentation
  • Hardware (HAAS)
  • Audits / Assessments
  • Endpoint Management
  • Software (SAAS)

QOS Consulting takes a holistic view of your network strategy and industry requirements, and we fully own progress and performance. We support a wide range of ongoing IT needs that include hardware and software management, staff augmentation, audits, routine maintenance and more. Our managed IT services for the Chicago area deliver peace of mind and fully customizable solutions that are cost-effective and scalable.

Holistic Support

QOS Consulting can deliver a top-down/bottom-up solution for all your IT needs. Whether you need help with hardware upgrades, software deployment, onsite or remote staff assistance, audits and assessments to ensure compliance, security protection, or more, QOS Consulting can provide strategy and support that considers all the needs of your enterprise. When we fully manage your IT eco-system, we’re able to quickly respond to emergencies and implement upgrades that impact the enterprise as a whole, whereas internal IT departments face the demands of a workforce with differing priorities.


managed IT services - QOS Consulting provides managed IT services in Chicago, IL

24/7 Monitoring

QOS Consulting provides 24/7 monitoring and reporting. We remotely keep an eye on your systems with our monitoring technologies and head-off attacks when we see suspicious activity. Our omniscient monitoring also helps with preventative maintenance, which can save organizations thousands of dollars on IT costs. Our experts respond to your customer needs quickly, and we deliver reports that detail IT performance, threats to the infrastructure, and opportunities for improvement.


Customized Managed Strategy & Solutions

Though we offer managed support for every aspect of your IT system, each service plan is crafted specifically to your organization’s needs. We take into account the goals of the business and industry trends, and tailor a strategy that speaks your budget, resources, client and employee needs, and expectations. The strategy we create can be modified at any time to react to changing objectives or shake-ups in the marketplace.

Cost-Effective, Fixed Price Plans

QOS Consulting offers affordable, fixed-price service packages that ensure you never go over budget from emergencies or unplanned changes. Due to our decades of experience and specialized resources – such as our onsite Data Center – we’re able to eliminate excessive costs and pass down those savings to our clients. This ensures extremely affordable prices, no matter the enterprise’s size or IT requirements.

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