enterprise hosting services - QOS Consulting provides enterprise and email hosting services in Chicago, IL

An organization’s hosting tools can have deep impacts on workflow and progress. Email, website, file storage, and PBX phone hosting systems are the cornerstones of production and must be supported with highly-secure and flexible technology that ensures quick delivery. For a truly robust hosting infrastructure, reliable tools should be bolstered by service support that provides a fast response time and prioritizes your hosting needs as much as you do. QOS Consulting combines advanced technology with our devotion to customer experience and delivers enterprise hosting services that strengthen your enterprise for growth.

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  • Anti-Virus Security
  • Spam Filtration
  • PBX Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Cloud Docs
  • Exchange Messaging
  • POP3/IMAP/ActiveSync

High Security & Managed Back-up

No matter the platform – email, website, file storage or phone – it must be backed by a hosting solution that is highly-secure. QOS Consulting implements encryption technology to protect user data and maintains security protocols such as technology upgrades, advanced spam filtration and anti-virus protection, and frequent back-ups to ensure your data is always protected. Our Monitoring & Tracking technologies allow us to keep an eye on your hosting systems at all times and head-off attacks if we see anything suspicious happening in the background.

Fast Server Response Time

Your enterprise hosting system should be able to deliver information almost instantly, whether it be to employees receiving emails and downloading files, or users visiting your website. QOS’s hosting solutions provide fast synchronization and delivery of large content, and our dedicated web hosting solutions are optimized for speed and high-volume web traffic. We work with CDNs to ensure website data is delivered rapidly, no matter the demand on the server or content on the page.

Flexibility & Customization

QOS Consulting delivers enterprise hosting services that are cost-effective, scalable, and tailored to your organization. When QOS develops a hosting strategy for our enterprise clients, we account for factors like storage requirements, industry and audience type, IT capabilities, budgets, and predicted changes in technology and the marketplace.

We are also experienced with multiple email clients and web applications, and we allow you to pick and choose your software and technologies.  When considering the combination of these factors, QOS is able to design a hosting infrastructure that avoids redundant components and delivers streamlined and efficient tools and capabilities.

enterprise hosting services - QOS Consulting provides enterprise hosting solutions in Chicago, IL

Easy Migration & Business Continuity

If you are changing hosting providers or platforms, QOS Consulting makes the transition painless. Our migration tools for email, website, file storage and phone systems allow a seamless experience that limits disruption to the user. Data is backed-up before any move, and upgrades are always implemented with the notion that user experience should be improved without being completely altered. Above all, our team is invested in the success of every migration and ready to act if a move is not going as your organization expected.

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