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Is SD-WAN right for your enterprise?

SD-WAN is a relatively new type of networking infrastructure that leverages software and cloud technology. It has massive appeal to organizations with multiple locations because it erases geographic boundaries. It is cost-effective, streamlined, and features zero-touch deployment.

These days, organizations need their data to be easily accessible and the ability to interface with contacts needs to be quick and reliable. SD-WAN provides these benefits and more.

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Other advantages of SD-WAN:

  • Easily connects multiple branches and data centers across locations
  • Very flexible and agile; network controls managed from an online portal
  • Ability to save money by prioritizing connections with higher importance (such as voice and data) over connections with lower importance (such as internet browsing)
  • Can instantly scale-up bandwidth at times of peak demand with the click of a button

  • Faster connectivity
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Eliminates expensive fixed circuits, hardware, and redundant connections
  • Compresses data
  • Easy ability to upgrade the network without changes to IT infrastructure
  • Zero-touch deployment

SD-WAN Support Services

  • Technology Auditing & Strategy Development
  • White Glove Network Deployment
  • Workflows tailored to your enterprise
  • Training for internal IT departments
  • Full network management after deployment
  • Workflow and network customizations after deployment
  • Data Center for hosting

QOS Consulting provides SD-WAN support and strategy for enterprise businesses. We offer a complete network solution that is customized to the requirements and architecture of your business environment then fully manage the implementation of SD-WAN, from planning to deployment and beyond. We design streamlined workflows tailored to your organization and business objectives and quickly implement changes should your business goals change. Our holistic SD-WAN support ensures your company is agile for cloud technology and never misses a beat due to IT downtime.

Contact QOS Consulting to find out more about SD-WAN and how our SD-WAN support services can take your organization into the future of enterprise networking.

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