Cybersecurity 2020 – Intro 101

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What does your cybersecurity road map look like for 2020? Many organizations are scrambling to identify what methods, processes, solutions, software and services need to be in place to safeguard company information assets.

QOS Consulting can conduct a cybersecurity audit on your organization to identify the areas we see as needing improvement. Our team of experts can aid in the development of an ongoing cybersecurity strategy, perform rapid response execution, manage remediation, and can even provide placement of part-time or full-time compliance officers.

What is Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity is a set of techniques or practices that are implemented to protect a company’s information assets, networks, and systems.

The Cloud Controls Matrix by Cloud Security Alliance outlines the following areas that your organization should focus on for its cybersecurity policies:

  • Audit Assurance & Compliance
  • Business Continuity Management & Operational Resilience
  • Change Control & Configuration Management
  • Data Security & Information Life Cycle Management
  • Data Center Security
  • Encryption & Key Management
  • Governance and Risk Management
  • Human Resources
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Infrastructure & Virtualization Security
  • Interoperability & Portability
  • Mobile Security
  • Security Incident Management, E-Discovery, & Cloud Forensics
  • Supply Chain Management, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management

QOS Consulting has developed and identified protection plans for all the areas listed above. Through the many years of experience our staff has under its belt, we always do our very best to ensure your assets, networks and systems a secure.

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