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QOS Consulting’s Colocation Data Center offers onsite support and geographic proximity not typically seen with cloud service providers. Our 4100 square foot facility located in Hoffman Estates, IL is ideal for enterprises and businesses in the Chicagoland area and our in-house team quickly mitigates issues and concerns. Our data center delivers dedicated UPS, redundant connections, firewall protection and more to ensure your business information is always safe and accessible.

colocation data center - QOS Consulting operates its colocation data center in Chicago
Colocation Data Center - QOS Consulting offers a data center in the Chicago area.


The QOSC Data Center leverages Fortigate and Dell Sonicwall security firewall architecture to protect against virus infection and cyber-attacks. Each cabinet in our Data Center comes with intrusion detection, content filtration, gateway anti-virus filtration, anti-spyware filtration, RBL filtering, and black/whitelisting. We also offer add-ons to enhance your protection and meet ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, SSAE16 and Tier III compliance.


Each cabinet is fiber redundant cross-connected to our core infrastructure, eliminating copper cabling bottlenecks and increasing reliability. With redundant connections, our servers automatically and seamlessly switch from the primary connection to our backup connection in the event of hardware failure on the primary connection. This ensures consistent service uptime.


Starting at $99.95 per month, our base service includes:

  • Virtual Microsoft Windows Server
  • 2 Dedicated vCPU at 2.93Ghz
  • 8 GB Dedicated RAM
  • HP Data SAS RAID 10
  • 1 MBPS Dedicated Bandwidth, burst to 50mb
  • 1 Public IP Address

We can increase RAM, bandwidth, processor speed and more at any time, and we design your cloud strategy for scaling at any point during your service contract.


Each cabinet at our Colocation Data Center possesses a dedicated 30 AMP Managed Dell Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with quantity 20, 110 volt power receptacles, as well as a dedicated 5,000 VA APC UPS battery backup in the event of facility or breaker power loss. Our Data Center is also equipped with high-powered cooling that runs at all times, ensuring servers never overheat.


When you speak to a QOSC team member about your server or data needs, you’re speaking with someone directly working on your equipment, and not a technician trying to mitigate problems from miles away.

Colocation Data Center - QOS Consulting's Data Center for cloud storage in Chicago, IL


By directly managing our onsite data center, we cut out the middle man and pass those savings down to the client. Our affordable pricing includes all the features your enterprise or business needs for robust data colocation – the latest server technology, advanced firewall protection, constant monitoring, and on-site support that can be quickly accessed.

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