Outsourced IT Support for Medium-Sized Businesses

outsourced IT support - QOS Consulting provided outsourced IT support and Managed IT Services in Chicago, IL

Medium-sized businesses can leverage Managed IT Services to ensure robust performance and maintenance of IT systems. Typically a luxury for enterprise corporations, QOS Consulting’s affordable solutions makes it possible for mid-sized organizations to engage outsourced IT support that delivers bird’s eye view monitoring and CTO-level expertise. Through our comprehensive monitoring and experienced staff, QOS provides an unbiased analysis that improves system components, workflows, cost-savings, and scalability, helping your business reach the next level of your growth strategy.

Managed IT Services for Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Hardware (HAAS)
  • Audits / Assessments
  • Endpoint Management
  • Software (SAAS)

24/7 Monitoring

QOS Consulting delivers 24/7 monitoring and reporting as part of our Managed IT Services offering. We remotely watch your systems with our monitoring technologies and prevent security breaches when we see suspicious activity. Our 24/7 monitoring also helps with preventative upkeep, which can save medium-sized organizations thousands of dollars on IT repair. QOS technicians quickly respond to customer requests, and we deliver monthly reports that outline IT performance, threats to IT assets, and opportunities for improvement.

Cost Control

Controlling costs is a major concern when growing a mid-sized business. IT costs can manifest as IT equipment, applications, or personnel, and when not managed correctly, these costs can balloon. By employing QOS Consulting’s Managed IT Services, you can set a monthly budget that ensures IT costs stay under control. Additionally, by utilizing outsourced IT support, your business saves on training and human resource expenses, while leveraging all the expertise of an experienced IT organization.

Strategy for Growth

Managed IT Services offer more than cost-effective maintenance and IT systems management; they provide the information you need to scale the business. Comprehensive oversight and IT expertise helps your organization craft a blueprint for the future. In addition to helping you plan, QOS Consulting’s Managed IT Services utilize flexible technologies and advanced systems that help position your organization for growth when you are ready to launch to the next level.

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