Voice, File, Domain Hosting and Email Services for Medium-Sized Businesses

domain hosting and email services - QOS Consulting provides domain hosting and email services in Chicago, IL

Medium-sized businesses require hosting systems that are just as robust as those employed by enterprise organizations. Due to the influx nature of mid-sized businesses, their voice systems, file storage, domain hosting and email services must offer protection against data loss and damage, as well as protection from cyber-attacks. Medium-sized companies are the main targets of hacking – in 2017, 61% of small and mid-sized businesses experienced cyber-attacks; this number is expected to grow in 2018.

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Voice, File, Domain Hosting and Email Services

  • Anti-Virus Security
  • Spam Filtration
  • PBX Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • CloudDocs
  • Exchange Messaging
  • POP3/IMAP/ActiveSync

While medium-sized businesses need powerful and resilient hosting systems, they also need services that won’t break the bank. QOS Consulting offers hosting solutions for mid-sized organizations that deliver a high-level of security, protection and performance, but are affordable for any medium-sized organization trying to grow its market share.

Robust Security & Managed Back-Ups

No matter your business size, your hosted systems (email, website, file storage and phone) should be backed by a hosting solution that is highly-secure. QOS Consulting leverages encryption technology to safeguard user email, website, phone and business data and maintains security procedures such as technology upgrades, advanced spam filtration, anti-virus protection, and scheduled managed back-ups to keep files protected. Our Monitoring & Tracking technologies keep an eye on your business hosting systems at all times, and we intercept attacks if we see suspicious activity occurring.

Cost Control

Controlling costs and staying within budget is a chief concern when growing a medium-sized business, and an inexperienced, reckless, or unscrupulous hosting provider can cause IT emergencies that exacerbate costs. QOS Consulting’s hosting solutions offer robust protection that prevents data emergencies (monitored by reports delivered to you on a regular basis), and our business model allows you to set a monthly budget that ensures IT costs stay within resources. We work with you to create a customized plan that meets the needs of your organization and excludes unnecessary services.

Rapid Server Response Time

Your business’s file storage solution, domain hosting and email services should deliver information almost instantly, whether it be to workers receiving emails and downloading files or leads visiting your business website. QOS’s hosting solutions deliver fast synchronization and transfer of large content, and our domain hosting solutions are enhanced for speed and managing high-volume web traffic. We work with CDNs to ensure website data is delivered quickly, no matter the demand on the server or size of the content on the web page.

Flexibility & Customization

QOS Consulting provides business hosting services that are scalable and tailored to your medium-sized organization. When QOS develops a hosting strategy for our business clients, we consider factors like storage requirements, industry and user type, IT infrastructure, budgets, and future developments in hosting technology.

QOS is also experienced with various email clients and web applications designed for medium-sized organizations, and we allow you to choose the software and technologies that make up your hosting platform.  By considering the combination of your current infrastructure, resources, and business goals, QOS is able to design a hosting strategy that delivers great performance and scalability without tying you to decisions that box your business into a corner.

Contact QOS Consulting to learn how we can help your mid-sized organization with Voice, File, Domain Hosting and Email Services that deliver the protection and scalable strategy you need to dominate the marketplace. If you need ongoing services that consider the needs of your entire IT infrastructure, see our Smart Choice and Value One business packages.

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