Business IT Services - QOS Consulting delivers business IT services in Chicago, IL

Medium-sized businesses often face more IT challenges than enterprise corporations. Constraints on budgets, limited personnel, shortage of internal IT expertise, and the seemingly infinite amount of hardware and software solutions on the market make it difficult for medium-sized companies to find the right IT strategy.  Additionally, medium-sized entities are often targeted by hackers due to inherently weak security infrastructures – in 2017 alone, 61% of small and mid-sized businesses experienced cyber-attacks. The number of data breaches and attacks by hackers on mid-sized businesses is expected to grow in 2018.

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Business IT Services

  • Smart Choice Business Solution (SCBS)
  • Value One Business Solution (VOBS)
  • Managed It Services
  • Hosted Solutions

QOS Consulting realizes that to thrive, mid-market companies need reliable business IT services that are affordable and offer secure transparency and easy scalability. We provide an array of options for mid-sized businesses, and enterprise-level support at small business costs.

Holistic IT Strategy with Robust Security

Mid-sized companies require IT infrastructure planning and execution that’s just as strong as the strategy employed at enterprise-level companies. Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of this IT strategy and should not be abandoned due to limited resources or the belief that a company is too small to be a target.

When QOS Consulting develops an IT strategy for your mid-sized company, we design workflows that leverage streamlined, affordable technologies that don’t skimp on security protocols that protect against data breaches. Additionally, the strategy we implement is built for scale, protecting against outrageous IT costs when your company is ready to grow.

Business IT Services - QOS Consulting provides business IT services to companies in Chicago, IL

Enterprise-Level Support at Small Business Costs

QOS Consulting offers affordable business IT services packages that are customized to your needs. Our Value One and Smart Choice service plans offer built-in strategy tailored to mid-sized entities, and both plans are fully customizable to the specific requirements of your industry, infrastructure, and budget.

QOS Consulting’s decades of experience and specialized resources – such as our onsite Data Center – allows us to eliminate excessive costs and offer enterprise-level support at a low price. Our business IT services support agreements include 24/7 monitoring and onsite and remote support.


A mid-sized business should always be empowered to fully own its IT infrastructure and understand the systems that help the company run. At QOS Consulting, we work with key stakeholders and internal IT departments to ensure there is no ambiguity about processes, protocols, and what would happen in the event of a systems breakdown. Your company maintains access to system monitors and controls, and we keep you abreast of technology improvements and threats, allowing you to make agile decisions about your IT eco-system.

Contact QOS Consulting to learn how our Business IT Services can help your mid-sized company grow with the market, protect against cybersecurity threats, and implement light, cost-effective IT solutions.

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